Where can we see Ginkgoes? Ou peut-on voir des Ginkgos?

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In Japan, there many single Ginkgo trees associated with worship, such as the Ginkgo tree in the Jonichiji Temple ( Toyama Prefecture ), the Ohatsuki Ginkgo trees in the Hongokuji Temple and the Jotakuji Temple ( Yamanashi Prefecture ), and so on....


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Giant Ginkgo tree in Japan / Arbres remarquables au Japon

Of the total of 55 798 giant trees of all kinds in Japan, there are 4318 Ginkgo trees, which represent 7.7% of the total. They are fourth most common after cedar, Japanese zelkowa, and camphor trees. 

Among these Ginkgo trees, the Nigatake-Ginkgo ( at Ichou Machi, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture ) is an exemple. It is a female tree about 35 m in heigt, with a trunk diameter of about 2.5m at chest heiht, and is said to be about 1000 yaers old. It has many "breast columns" ( aerial roots like breasts), and the largest of these has a diameter of about 1.6m. It is said that a woman named Byakkouni, who was a wet nurse of the Emperor Shoumu ( reign, A.D. 724-749 ), expressed her drying wish and according to it this Ginkgo tree was planted on the mound where her corpse was buried. This Ginkgo called "Chichi-Ginkgo", and it is said that the god is enshrined at the foot of this tree. Women who cannot produce their own milk often worship here.


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