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Family Crests and logos


The Ginkgo leaves , rarely with the nuts, are used in Japan in more than 100 family crests. They are classified by the number of leaves, from 1 to 16, and also by the arrangement of the leaves ( cercle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon..). A family crest composed of three Ginkgo leaves is found among 260 crests for families varying in social rank from shogun to commoner in Kikigiki Shokamon, a book of heraldry written at the time of Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1436-1490). Today, many japanese towns, cities, and prefectures, including Tokyo, use Ginkgo-leaf logos on printed materials and official vehicles, and universities and high schools use Ginkgo-leaf logos on badges, stationery, and so on.  

SUMO World

O-icho hair style

Of the early hair styles, only two types remain: O-icho ( big-ginkgo)and hoso-icho ( thin-ginkgo). 
O-icho is the more formal hairstyle that is worn by Rikishi in the top two divisions, when they compete and on formal occasions. Link:



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