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GINKGO BILOBA: Ornamentation

and interesting cultivars (selected characters)  


Ginkgo is a large picturesque tree at maturity, grown for its shade, large size and bolod accent in the landscape. Ginkgo Biloba is specially well represented along the avenues and of the boulevards of our cities. This strong representation is due to a great robustness with regard to urban and industrial pollutioneplaced by a Ginkgo. It has also an astonishing immunity with regard to the insects ( acidity of the sheet with acid ginkgolic) and fungies. The growth is rather fast at the beginning. After 5-6 years, they can measure 2 to 3 meters if the conditions are ideal. It takes half a century to obtain a beautiful tree: This tree grows to a height of 100 to 122 feet and diameter of 3 to 4 feet.

Cultivars have been selected for non-fruiting character (male trees) and for better  color and/or for modified grauth habit. Some of the best varieties found to plant are 'Autumn Gold', 'Princeton Sentry' and 'Fairmont'

Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold': more dependable golden-yellow fall color with a broady pyramidal growth habit at maturity male, with more compact form.

'Princeton Sentry': nearly columnar form, being slightly wider at the base, used architectuarlly for a vertical accent; about 70' tall by 10' wide.
This cultivar was the Urban Tree of the Year 1996, see www.urban-forestry.com

"Fairmount":  Narrow, upright, pyramidal; rapid grower; straight main trunk


Other interesting Cultivars 

"Fastigiata": port out of candle

"Laciniata": very cut out sheets

'Lakeview': a narrow, upright, male suitable for use as a street tree.

'Mayfield': a columnar cultivar

"Pendula": whining port

"Pyramidalis": coniferous type

"Variegata":  Leaves marked with yellow

"Saratoga": Erect, rounded, narrow leaves deeply split at ends, pendulous leaves

More pictures of Ginkgo cultivars: www.pinetumanloo.nl/cats/cats.htm


Ginkgo Princeton Sentry

Ginkgo Autumn Gold 

Ginkgo Fairmount

Ginkgo Fastigiata

Ginkgo Saratoga

Ginkgo biloba Tit

Ginkgo leaves from "Arboretum du PoŽrop, Huelgoat" - 01/11/2001


Ginkgo biloba as a Bonsai

The Ginkgo can also be grown as a bonsai. This is an outside bonsai and it prefers full sun: maximum light is necessary for good autumn color. Very young trees may need some shelter in midsummer. It is best to style Ginkgo according to its natural shape. Ginkgo has large leaves which do not easily reduce, so use it for medium to large size bonsai. Pruning scars will not heal, so avoid cutting large branches. Shoots grow in clusters of leaves - reduce the cluster to 2-3 leaves with topmost leaf on the outside. New branches should be pruned back to 2-3 buds while young. Ginkgo is usually shaped by pruning, but may be lightly wired spring-autumn. Great care must be taken to protect the bark as it is delicate and scars will not heal. 

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